Microblading Training Course

Microblading Training Course

When you’re looking for a microblading training course, attention to detail is key. Here at Denisa King, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide individual training courses, with group sizes of no more than two students. We feel that this attention is necessary to give you the tools and skills to deliver microblading to future clients with confidence and expertise, delivering training courses in Kent from beginners to advanced levels.

Denisa King Microblading Training Kent

We offer courses in microblading and permanent make-up as ombré eyebrows, lips and eyeliner. The content of the course begins with the background of microblading and the advantages of the treatment, which you can pass on to your future clients. We will cover how to prepare to skin, all the way through to aftercare. We will look at different skin types, and any contraindications (reasons not to carry out the treatment), as well as colour and pigment theory, and how to work on fake skin.

We will focus on how to draw the ideal eyebrows, looking at aspects such as shape, measurement methods and rules. We will cover the different tools and blades used, the sanitation and sterilization of the space and instruments and all other aspects of hygiene. We will also consider the use of consent forms, and taking photographs for marketing purposes, so we can have all areas covered.

As well as benefiting from the one-to-one attention that you simply can’t get in classes that are typically made up of around 10 students, you will also have the advantage of getting hands-on practice using live models, and master demonstrations. Denisa King provides a professional clinic setting over five days, where you will also obtain a starter kit in our beginners’ course, unlimited support and an accredited certificate on completion of the course.

You will begin your microblading course with the theoretical side of the practice, looking at the importance of drawing symmetrical eyebrows (as well as lips and eyeliner). At this stage, you will be using fake skin and a fake head as if a client was lying down. You will get to practise on your first live model by the second day, after following a microblading demonstration by Denisa King herself. In the third session, you will be able to practise on not one, but two live models, which is repeated on the fifth day, to get you microblading to perfection. Here, you will receive your certificate, but there is also the option of a fifth day using two live models to look at ombré eyebrows (manual shading).

Our advanced microblading training course is suitable for those who are already trained in microblading, and can be taken across two days, or in one day to achieve perfection on a technique of your choosing, delivered under the expertise of Denisa King.

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The Course Program

Our course program is delivered over 5 days
  • 1st Day:

    Theoretical part > Drawing symatrical eyebrows/lips/eyeliner > Practise on a fake skin and a fake head which feels like practicing on a laying down client > Conclusions of the day;
  • 2nd Day:

    Microblading treatment DEMO by Denisa King > 1st live model for the student > Conclusions of the day;
  • 3rd Day:

    Practise on 2nd live model > LUNCH > Practise on 3rd live model > Conclusions of the day;
  • 4th Day:

    Practise on the 4th live model > LUNCH > Practise on the 5th live model > Conclusions of the day > Issuing a Certificate
  • 5th Day:

    Also 2 live models for those who register for the extra day of ombré (manual shadeing) eyebrows.
  • *For those willing to take the course in a group of 2 students we offer £400 discount and each student will still have the same number of live models, under my full supervision. This offer applies only for the Intensive and Intense Microblading Training Course for beginners.


Our ADVANCED MICROBLADING training course (already trained in Microblading) is available for 2 days or 1 perfection day in any technique of your choice. (Live models included)
Training Courses are held by DENISA KING trainer, POWERED BY AGNES PERMANENT LONDON in a professional clinic, based in Dartford, Kent, which is only 30 minutes from central London (either train or driving) For more details and prices call us on +44 7944 644752 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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